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True Crime Author & Journalist

Doug Kari

Lying in a shallow grave to imagine the carnage that occurred there. Scouring a remote corner of Death Valley to discover a key clue in a missing person case. Walking through squalid encampments in Mexico to interview migrant refugees.  

Doug Kari investigates true-crime stories firsthand and in depth. 

A confirmed adventurer, Doug wrote about the Marquesas Islands after accessing remote villages by 4WD. He undertook the first end-to-end traverse of the Inyo Mountains as a fundraiser for a rural hospital, securing pledges for each summit he climbed.  

Doug’s true-crime stories have run on the front pages of LA Weekly, Las Vegas Review-Journal, San Francisco Daily Journal, and other respected outlets.  

An English major at U.C. Berkeley, Doug honed his writing skills under novelist and professor Leonard Michaels (The Men’s Club). After receiving his law degree from U.C. Law San Francisco, Doug practiced IP law while doing pro bono wilderness protection work for Desert Survivors, an outdoor group that he co-founded. 

True crime author Doug Kari in the desert.
The Berman Murders: Unraveling the Mojave Desert's Most Mysterious Unsolved Crime, by Doug Kari

The Berman Murders:

Unraveling the Mojave Desert's Most Mysterious Unsolved Crime

At daybreak on January 6, 1986, a couple on a camping trip in the Mojave Desert set out for a stroll and never returned. The local sheriff’s office eventually discovered that Barry and Louise Berman had been murdered. As years passed and the double homicide remained unsolved, the Berman case spawned speculation and conjecture. Despite extensive investigation by local and federal authorities, to date there’s never been an arrest made in the case – let alone a conviction. But this doesn’t mean the crime is unsolvable.

After years of investigation, research, and interviews, Kari was able to link the Berman murders to a Cambodian sex crimes and trafficking case involving a former Marine. This is the first book to tell the full story of the Berman murders and uncover the likely suspect.

Doug Kari author looking through a rock window and smiling.


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